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I’m George Ampeliotis and I’m a physiotherapist based in Athens, Greece. I have been practicing physiotherapy since 2009 and I am a certified expert in acupuncture.

Due to my passion for this job, I never imagined that there would come a time where my hands would no longer bear my work load.Thus, I was driven to search for solutions that would service my patients to the greatest degree and at the same time be an ally in my daily professional challenges.

What I was looking for, was a multi-tool that would make my life and work easier.During that time, there were some metal tools gaining popularity for the application of the IASTM technique.Unfortunately, after using them, I realized this was not what I had envisioned and once more I found myself in the same predicament.It was then that the idea of the creation of a multi-tool that would serve my needs, was born.

While serving my military duty, I was required to take on the role of physiotherapist without having the proper equipment and so I improvised with a piece of curtain rod, trying, in this way, to help the people I was called to heal.

This incredible physiotherapy method, which arose from the need to help, was the beginning of the design of the multi-tool that I envisioned.Three years went by where this tool was my loyal partner in therapy.

The feedback I was getting from people and the results of the therapies, were what gave me the push to start the production procedure, while also submitting my application to the Industrial Property Organization.A couple of months later, I successfully received the patent and the right for Arcus to become productive.

The advantages of Arcus are no longer only at my disposal, but at the disposal of all professional physiotherapists, masseurs, and exercise therapists, as well as anyone who wishes to use Arcus privately.

George Ampeliotis
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